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Prince Harry banned from Burdekin Hotel after caught fingerbashing publican’s missus in the shitter out back

Prince Harry has been banned from the Burdekin Hotel for the 2nd time in as many years after he was caught in a lurid act with the wife of hotel publican Mick Mines in the men’s minutes before close. His Royal Highness, dishevelled after having spilt his 13th Jack Daniels and lost his thongs minutes … Continue reading

Group of ads on low traffic website feeling very useless

News startup ready to destroy mainstream media after spending 6 days bickering over logo

News website Brisbane Register will slowly but surely replace the Courier Mail and Brisbane Times as Queensland’s premier news service, even though the company cannot agree how to font Brisbane Register. The company, made up of four QUT journalism graduates all of which averaged a 4.4 GPA is hopeful that they can launch with a … Continue reading

Republicanism surge among politicians and upper class”just a bit suspicious” says Burdekin mother of five

Local teacher and mother of five Marlene May says the recent surge in support for a republic among Australia’s politicians is a bit suspicious, saying it’s hard to trust politicians who have systematically ruined the lives of the working class in pursuit of idealistic goals that benefit the few. “When you have the majority of MPs … Continue reading