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Rural News Corp crime reporter ready to do the news after coffee and smoke for breakfast

Home Hill Observer crime reporter John Cripps was productive in the newsroom today filing a big page 3 story about a beach-side stabbing over the weekend, right after his morning durry and filtered black coffee. “None of this poofie latte shit up here mate, I’ll tell ya,” he said. “The boys down south’ll check their … Continue reading

You’ll never get what this powerful MP just got outed as…

George Christensen has been outed by the Sydney Morning Herald as a traitorous republican, who would like to see an Australian head of state elected, among other fetishistic things unfit for print. Traitor George, who had been caught some months ago by his wife reading raunchy republican books like The Great Gatsby and Looking for … Continue reading

SCHOOLIES: Company makes condom recalls, ask Schoolies to take pregnancy tests

Latex company Merillio Standard have announced a recall of all condom products that use its latex in the Gold Coast over the schoolies festival. The company said in a press release this morning that the latex fibres in many brands of condoms were absorbing semen, which then allowed small amounts of semen to seep through … Continue reading