SCHOOLIES: Company makes condom recalls, ask Schoolies to take pregnancy tests

Latex company Merillio Standard have announced a recall of all condom products that use its latex in the Gold Coast over the schoolies festival.

The company said in a press release this morning that the latex fibres in many brands of condoms were absorbing semen, which then allowed small amounts of semen to seep through the condom and enter another person during sexual intercourse.

A Merillio Standard spokesperson said that the condoms, which were manufactured to meet the higher demand at the annual Schoolies festival, were all made of this compromised batch of latex and that the company regrets the inconvenience this has caused.

“We understand that the latex component used to manufacture these condoms were only distributed to vendors for the Gold Coast schoolies, and thus schoolies who went to other areas like Byron Bay or Airlie Beach may not be affected,” the spokesperson said.

“Merillio regrets the inconvenience this has caused to both the users of the condoms and the condom companies that we supply to,” they said.

“Any affected users are welcome to apply for a one-off three pack of Barista Bros Double Shot iced coffee to represent our apologies.”

The Queensland Government has set up a hotline for those people who bought and used a condom in the Gold Coast during the schoolies event.  This hotline is: (02) 6277 3184




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