“Everything just works,” says Linux user after fixing Wifi driver for 18 hours

MELBOURNE University student Sam Hill has maintained that Linux works perfectly, despite fixing a Wifi driver issue for 18 hours straight.

The 18 hour Linux-binge is thought to have culminated at 5:45 this morning when Mr Hill restarted his laptop for the 16th time after applying a long winded Linux terminal script which output “only three errors per five commands,” Mr Hill remarked.

“Oh it was great, usually when you’re working on something in Linux and you see a huge list of shell commands from two years ago you already know most of what you are about to type is going to be thrown back at you,” he said.

“But no, I only had to fix a problem, then fix a problem that arose because I fixed the first problem, then fix a problem that arose after fixing that problem, only about five or six times,” he said.

“You won’t get that in Windows or OSX, the thing with Linux and Ubuntu is everything just works.”

Despite being forced to fix a Wifi driver for 18 hours, Mr Hill maintains that the speed of Linux allows him to get more work done.

“You should see this thing fly, it’s really just incredible,” he said.

“Every couple of hours the Wifi will drop out so I’ll have to restart, but good thing my laptop boots in 11 seconds flat,” Mr Hill said.

“With Windows, if I needed to restart, it would boot about 9 seconds slower, as I said, Linux just works.”





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